Mobility Aid Photo Prints


Three prints celebrating mobility aids!

Print 1: “SICK STICKS” - 8.5x11 photo print of various canes and a pair of platform forearm crutches on a fancy white platform and surrounded by plants in saturated pink and blue lighting. On pro luster photo paper

Print 2: “BRACED & LACED” - 8.5x11 photo print of a black non-binary person kneeling in front of a blue and pink background of flowy fabrics. They are wearing a black corset, black underwear, & a black garter belt that is connected to their knee braces. They are holding a black hologrpahic cane diagonally in front of them with both hands. On pro luster photo paper.

Print 3: “PASTEL DREAM” - 8.5x11 photo print of legs in black and white vertically striped pants being supported by a black forearm crutch on either side of them in soft purple lighting. They are wearing black shoes with green details that match their black crutches with green eyes painted on the bottom section of them. Glowing neon objects decorate the background. On pro luster photo paper.