Fairy Keychains

$10.00 - $14.00

Clusters of dangles to clip to you mobility aid, keys, bags, or whatever you please!

Bundle with a wrist strap for extra cool points (use code "CANECOMBO" at checkout for $4 off!!)

Each keychain has round letter beads and fun beaded charms
1. Pink, yellow, and blue "FAG" dangle on a blue metal clip featuring a flat yellow swirl bead charm with a silver star charm on the end, and a section of acrylic chain.
2. Red and black "FAG" dangle on a red keyring featuring a shiny gunmetal beads and a section of acrylic chain.
3. Blue, yellow, and pink "FAIRY" dangle on a pink metal clip featuring a star wand charm and section of acrylic chain
4. Pink “CUTE” dangle on a silver lobster clasp featuring star and faceted beads, plastic pearls, a silver ribbon charm, and a silver bell and star charm on the ends.