Crystal Charm Earrings

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Crystal charm earrings made with various different crystal chips + banded black, white, and grey spherical beads. Available on hooks, clip-ons, or leverbacks!

Amethyst: Psychic Balance (purple)
- Protection, power, harmony
- Balance mood & soothe stress
- Enhance psychic mind

Howlite: Emotional Power (white)
- Healing, confidence, awareness
- Absorbs stress & negative energies
- Radiate & attract calm energy

Fluorite: Psychic Clarity (green + purple)
- Protection, transformation, peace
- Promote clarity of mind & strong inner self
- Enhance psychic focus

Carnelian: Warming Glow (orange)
- Sociability, creativity, happiness
- Calming, soothes anger
- Radiate & attract positive energy